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Embody Your Divine Feminine!

The Way of Divine Love - Embracing the Return of Mother Sophia God - The Empowered Empath Series



Return of the Divine Feminine in 2018!

2018 is the Year of the Goddess energy, Transformation

and the Return of the Divine Mother Sophia.

Are you Ready to:

⇔Embrace your inner divine feminine energies opening your sacred heart birthing you into a new reality of inner balance, wholeness, pure joy and bliss?

⇔Create a fresh new reality for yourself as you dive deep into the wellspring waters of the Divine Mother to nourish your soul and unveil your hidden creative powers!

⇔Learn to embody more of your soul’s sweet fragrance as you re-discover areas of inner strength, beauty and confidence you have forgotten how to access.

⇔Reclaim your inner Goddess powers of “divine love” to launch you into pure joy, bliss and freedom! The Goddess energy is here to guide and support your journey to reclaim your state of wholeness and set you free from the false imprisonment of the previous 3D Earth reality and align you with your Soul’s unique divine truth!

On June 7th, 2017 Laura boarded a jet plane to Paris, France - visiting France brought up deep feelings of excitement and passion! It raised her consciousness to yet another Level - and in many ways was a preparation for Laura for this call.   We were planning to have our Live Call on March 2nd...but as things unfolded it was not possible.  But here we are so very close to the "Springing Forward" into the energies of the Spring Equinox!   Getting back to Laura's trip to France, as Spirit would have it, she was joined by a friend and they began their tour in Paris, France visiting L’église de la Madeleine a church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene in honor of the Divine Feminine energy she brought forth 2000 years ago.  Then they travelled to the South of France, visiting the town of Rennes-le-Chateau to visit Eglise Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, another church dedicated to the legacy of St. Mary Magdalene and the legacy of the positive impact she left on this part of France 2000 years ago.  In the small town of Rennes-ls-Bains they journeyed up the mountain on the Wise Woman Path to experience the powerful Divine Feminine energies of Isis and Orsirus that were ignited within Laura and her friend as they sat on the stone pillar chairs!

Laura shared, " As we tuned into these divine energies so richly concentrated in these very sacred places our hearts and souls overflowed with love, joy, inspiration and a new hope for humanity and our world. The messages were clear that we were being reunited and reborn within into our inner Divine Feminine nature. We had heard the inner call of our Divine Mother and responded. We were there to awaken our inner Divine Feminine so we could remember and embody her energies fully as daughters of Divine Sophia. This is why we were called to France. It was part of our souls plan and destiny to walk upon these sacred lands again where the Divine Feminine energies are still very active and alive. It was truly a sacred pilgrimage a beautiful awakening within."

As Laura sat inside the cave outside Rennes-le-Chateau,  a vision came to Laura upon the Story of Creation and the coming return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God Sophia to rebuild the Earth. She was returning in full glory to restore our Earth bringing new energies that would build a new world based on divine principles of unconditional love.  Laura goes on..."She (the vision) whispered these messages in my ears: " The stars are your true home. I brought the elements of water, fire, air, and ether together to create the Earth several billions of years ago."  She reveales how our souls have journeyed to Earth and reincarnated time and time again through many civilizations. She reminded me that the fall of the Divine Feminine was foretold centuries before it happened. This was part of the Divine Plan for the journey of humanity. This part of our journey is now over as the return of the Divine Feminine is NOW. She is the river of life that flows deep within all of eternal life. A new story is forming now of peace, flow, abundance leading us into a more simple and balanced way of life on the New Earth. It is a time to celebrate her return to us again!"

The Return of the Divine Mother Sophia God, the Creatrix of Life

As the Divine Mother comes to heal our current society of the “gross imbalances” within ourselves and the external world we must turn our focus on creating inner balance and wholeness within ourselves.  All of us including men and women contain the potential to develop our “divine inner qualities” of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies creating inner balance within. This is the key to healing our society since our individual soul energies and expressions of thoughts,words,actions, beliefs and choices are all contributing to this universal Earth hologram. Each person on this planet has been gifted with “free-will” regardless of their spiritual awareness and consciousness everyone contributes to the collective manifestation of our outer world. So, it is our time as we are the ones who have come to embody these beautiful energies to build “Heaven On Earth”.

...Yes, You are ready to graduate this old paradigm!  You are totally supported by Divine Mother Sophia now to embody your magnificent Angelic Self!

That is why Laura brings you her Special Offer on Embody Your Divine Feminine Power!  - The Empowered Empath Series! She has had profound shifts and has been gifted and downloaded "messages" and teachings you are ready!

Welcome to the start of this journey of emboding the energy of the Divine Feminine with Laura Hosford!


Package A:


Embody Your Divine Feminine Power!

The Way of Divine Love - Embracing the Return of Mother Sophia God

Total Value $843

[PLUS Fast Action Bonus (Value $77)]

Laura: " Join me for a divine feminine retreat along with Mary Magdalene and other Divine Feminine Ascended Masters to immerse yourself in divine feminine bliss for the next 28 days. Experience a deeper connection with your inner divine feminine Goddess. Receive daily prayer support, activations, attunements and healing for your soul.

Four Week Healing Masterclass (Value $444)

In this four week healing master class you will be personally guided by four Divine Feminine Ascended Masters as they help you to remember and reconnect with your inner Goddess Self.  Learn the Seven Sacred Principles to create a new inner foundation of balanced living in wholeness as you merge your divine feminine and masculine energies awakening your inner Goddess.  Praying at your special alter space in daily ceremony you reconnect with the loving energies of each Master as they give you special messages of love and guidance for your journey! A daily guided PDF is included for your special journey of reunion.

Week One – Open your Heart and Reconnect With The Divine Feminine

Walking with Mary Magdalene as our guide your primary focus is on Unconditional Love of self and others. Mary Magdalene guides us to “Love yourself, others, and every situation no matter what the outward appearances may be.”

Week Two - Healer Heal Thyself And Be Free!

Walking with Kuan Yin as our guide your primary focus is on “Release judgments about yourself and others, And focus on the love and light that is within everyone”.  Receive a powerful audio prayer and activation for a “Forgiveness Process with Kuan Yin”. Use this process when you need to release judgement and emotions of shame or guilt of yourself, others, a situation or event.

Week Three – Divine Earth Angel Tools for Daily Living

Walking with Green Tara as our guide your primary focus is on ”Delegating by asking others (including me) to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself”. Message from Green Tara. When you feel resentment in your heart because you’re carrying more than your share of the load, you’re doing no favors for anyone, including yourself. You need private time every day to spend in communion with your own heart wisdom.

Week Four - Love, Joy & Bliss Are Your New Reality

Walking with Mother Mary, the Queen of Angels you can “Expect A Miracle”as you dive nus deep into Love - Devotion - Purity. “Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.” Message from Mother Mary."


3 Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1 - The Gratitude Prayer Audio with activation frequencies  (Value  $22)

Bonus #2 - Light Language Eclipse Meditation with Mary Magdalene  (Value $44)

Bonus #3 - 90 minute Group Q&A call with Laura (Value  $ 333)


7 Day Fast Action Bonus

“7 Sacred Prayers of Light" (value $77.00)


These consist of 7 mp3 Audio Files of healing frequencies, activations and attunements to integrate the energy of each prayer.

(Total Value $77 of Bonus)

  1. A Prayer For Protection - Expand your heart light with Archangel Michael as you walk your path of light without fear.
  2. Prayer to Merge With Your Higher Self -  Open the pathways of communication as you merge with your  higher self assisted by Archangel Metatron.
  3. A Grounding Prayer - Connect your I AM presence with Heaven and Earth as guided by Archangel Metatron.
  4. Anchoring The Light -  Anchor your Divine God Self connection into Mother Earth with St. Germaine.
  5. Prayer of Light For New Earth Angel - Embrace your oneness with the light and eternal flow of love with Archangel Metatron.
  6. Divine Inheritance Activation Prayer -Claim your Divine inheritance as a sovereign divine being of love and light with Archangel  Metatron.
  7. The Gratitude Prayer - Surrender into this moment with gratitude reclaiming your divine soul truth.

Four Week Healing Masterclass (Value $444)

Week One – Open your Heart and Reconnect With The Divine Feminine

Week Two - Healer Heal Thyself And Be Free!

Week Three – Divine Earth Angel Tools for Daily Living

Week Four - Love, Joy & Bliss Are Your New Reality

A daily guided PDF is included for your special journey of reunion.

3 Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1 - The Gratitude Prayer Audio with activation frequencies  (Value  $22)

Bonus #2 - Light Language Eclipse Meditation with Mary Magdalene  (Value $44)

Bonus #3 - 90 minute Group Q&A call with Laura (Value  $ 333)

Plus a Fast Action Bonus -  7 Sacred Prayers of Light (Value $77)


Total Value $843

Special Offer $147

Discount 83% Off + Saving of $50 + Fast Action Bonus ($77 Value)

For Fast Action Takers Only:  $97



"Talk about healing power!!! After this week’s prayer, Literally saw a shadow leave my presence and my energy was restored. I feel great and I am so thankful for what you do. Many blessings to you and your work!!!"

- KR

Package B:

Akashic Record DNA Healing Activation

Private Session with Laura Hosford


Akashic Record DNA Healing Activation

Private Session with Laura Hosford

Laura says, "As we begin to open our heart, minds and souls to align with these beautiful divine feminine energies once again on the Earth we can begin to embrace more of our own divine qualities of unconditional love, compassion, grace, beauty, intuition, flow, abundance, joy, creative genius, collaboration, integrity, respect, patience, nurturance bringing us into a state of wholeness and inner balance. As we open to embody these beautiful healing energies our lives will forever be changed in a way we have not experienced for many lifetimes here on our Earth.

Let us sing and dance and give praise to our Divine Mother Sophia God for birthing  us into these amazing energies of her flowing love and grace!  It is truly a special time to be alive on this Earth and to witness this amazing reunion of humanity with all of Creation! It is done! Amen."

"Wow.. Talk about "Get right to the point". This Akashic Record DNA Trinity Healing Process Laura is doing is very profound. I have never felt such power in a healing session before. I just set an intention, and everything that was no longer needed is now gone. No more rehashing the old stories. I have a clear direction and know exactly what I need to do. I highly recommend this process to anyone who is ready for a powerful shifts in there life. ~ Navona C."

Laura is a Divine oracle channel for the Divine Feminine Christ, Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Akashic Records Realm.  She connects with the highest truth and wisdom to support your spiritual transformation.  Her ability to access the Akashic Records and the Books of Knowledge and her ability to hold a deep space of unconditional love and grace -  for your Akashic Record DNA Healing and Transformation.  Laura's genuine and warm nature combined with her ability to be both grounded into the wisdom of the Divine Mother energies are a powerful combination to assist your journey of Transformation through Self Mastery into Light Mastery!


Package B includes:

Everything in Package A

(Total Value $843)


One to One Akashic Record DNA Healing Activation

Private Session With Laura Hosford (Value $247)

(Total Value $1090)


7 Day Fast Action Bonus (Value $77)



Total Value $1090

Special Offer $247

Discount 77% Off + Saving of $70 + Fast Action Bonus ($77 Value)

For Fast Action Takers Only:  $177




What People Saying About Laura ...


"Working with Laura over these last 3 months together has helped me to shift into a new place of inner trust and creating joy through writing poetry and love letters. When we first started working together I was struggling with the feelings of “unworthiness, resentment, anger, sadness and ongoing fears” spending many hours a day at home using clearing processes on myself. I was facing my fears especially “my fear of failure” in moving into creating my own coaching business so I could begin to earn some income while serving others. As Laura opened my Akashic Records, she channeled information that brought forward answers to my questions to help me see the deeper insights and clarity about the “hidden gifts” wanting to reveal themselves in the birthing of this process. With Laura’s guidance she took me “out of the box” of my personal experience into opening up to a new much bigger perspective of how I am here to serve the world. During our sessions together she brought forth a whole new creative process including a “template with defined steps” that I would use in guiding my clients on their journey to heal their hearts. This brought in a new structure that I feel comfortable with allowing me to gain the confidence that I needed to shift into feeling truly excited about my new business actually coming into reality now! I feel I have truly transformed my inner fears and shifted into a new place of courage and joy! I feel blessed and truly grateful to be working with Laura, who’s guidance has been infinitely helpful, insightful and joyful experience."

- Lorraine W.

"In my experience with the prayer, I had a very cool meeting with my Angelic team along with ArchAngel Michael. It was here that I saw my angel aspect. Merging with this angel energy, as it came back through my physical body was incredible. I felt amazing all day!"

- Carolyn A Jones, The Energy Architect™

“I have my first session with Laura Hosford today. All I can say is Wow! During the session, Laura opened my Akashic Records and answered questions I had regarding setting up a business and stepping into my purpose work. So much clear, detailed, and inspiring information came through from my Akashic guides. I was able to gain clarity in both my gifts as well as the type of programs I can create. We also explored the talents I bring with me from my past lives and how those can be used to shape the products I produce. I was buzzing the entire session and, honestly, haven’t stopped yet. So many possibilities were revealed! Laura is a truly gifted translator of the Akashic Records. It is indeed a treat to get to work with someone with her gifts and talents. Thank you Laura, so much."


- Lisa A.

"I’ve had several Akashic and IST sessions with Laura and I will say these sessions have improved my life in many ways. I was carrying a lot of anger which was driving me to act in ways that were a danger not only to myself but to other people and that anger was cleared in an IST session with Laura. More recently we cleared some issues with fear and a need to be in control that have affected my life since I was a child. I didn’t realize how limiting it was until we cleared it and I feel like a new person. The immediate feeling is relief but as I adjust to the change I feel lighter and more confident in everything.  I tend to be a skeptic with a need for proof in everything and I can honestly say the changes that I’ve experienced are proof to me that the IST clearing works but people that I interact with on a regular basis have noted and commented on the changes. I’ve recommended this to several people dealing with various issues and I will continue with my sessions as I evolve and become a better person."

- Beverly R.

"My Akashic Reading with Laura was amazing. There were things that I had often wondered about that you clarified right at the start. I found the energy surrounding you very positive, enlightening, and full of love."

- Bonnie C

"I love working with Laura. Though I never know the path our healing session will take, I’m confident she is always right there holding space and leading me out of the past and into the light. With my inner child especially she keeps focus on moving me/us out of a trauma or a painful memory and into a more positive vibration where my inner child ends up being empowered. Our latest session included super powerful light language & that really took the healing session up a notch! I could feel the language and energy surround both myself and my inner child to “wipe the slate clean” and create an entirely new chapter. I’m very grateful to have Laura as my healing resource."

- Rae S.

"Feeling quite blocked in a certain area of my life, I turned to Laura for help. A very wise choice as she brings such depth of knowledge, in addition to her loving presence. While I’m fairly new to the fascinating worlds of the Akashic Records and Light Language, Laura’s skillful ability to access this wisdom and healing energies of these and other modalities made our session most powerful. As a result of working together, I’m feeling much lighter and now feel able to move forward, no longer blocked by the heaviness I’ve felt for so long. I highly recommend working with Laura if you want help uncovering and removing blocks that are holding you back from living your life fully and being your best self."

- Marilyn O.

"When I first met Laura Hosford last fall, she gave me an Akashic Record reading. I never anticipated the further, amazing work we would do together. The reading was very profound for me and explained many things in my life. Wanting to further develop myself, we began working together in private sessions. Laura has helped me to find, understand, and change (as necessary) things deep in my soul I never imagined could be uncovered and changed. Things I never even realized about myself or understood were at play in my life. The change in me since working with Laura is huge and noticeable to everyone. I enjoy life so much more and I feel so much more at peace. I feel like I’m in control for the first time in my life. Laura is one of the best at guided meditations and grounding that I’ve ever encountered. She is a deeply loving person who is very easy to relate to. She puts you at ease right away. I have taken one of her classes so far and she is a great teacher. She takes the time to answer questions and to explain things in a way that you understand. I am already enrolled in another one of her classes in March and have a list of future classes I want to attend. I highly encourage anyone to try a reading, session or a class with Laura. I believe you will find it to be as amazing in your life as it has been in mine. I am so blessed to have met Laura and I’m proud to call her my teacher and now, my friend."

- Jenny D.

"That was good!!!! I could really feel a throat-heart connection that came in during the guided prayer. I also had a strong sensation during the first release of fear process you guided us through! Thank You!"

- RD

Laura Hosford Bio...

Laura has been a regular guest on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, since its' launch in January 2017. Laura's  divine mission and purpose is to teach and guide you how to “embody your authentic soul light expression” completely releasing your “victim consciousness” and fully embodying your  Divine Creator Self as a co-creator of new Heaven on Earth. Laura calls these “ascended visionaries” the new Light Leaders of the Golden Age of Peace.

Laura uses all of her spiritual gifts of being an oracle for the Divine Feminine Christ Sophia, Channel of Akashic Records, Books of Knowledge, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Council of 21, Intuitive healer and Light language channel to empower your journey with clarity, truth and knowledge for optimal soul transformation back into wholeness.

As a Transformational Teacher of Spiritual Truth, Intuitive Healer and Light Language channel,  Laura Hosford guides intuitive visionaries to transform and heal their patterns of co-dependency and martyrdom, through deep shadow work and learning how to embody their “Angelic Self”, to living a new empowered life prayer of Christ Consciousness Mastery serving humanity to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Laura began her own personal journey of healing her “core wounding of the divine feminine” and martyrdom pattern in March 2008 after experiencing a “mental breakdown”, she entered into a “dark night of the soul” period experiencing several life changing events including, losing a major job of 10 years, walking away from her marriage of 30 years and dream lifestyle. During this six year period she went on a fast track healing journey to completely turn her life around healing her anxiety, depression, anger, emotional pain and mental traumas of inner conflict that she lived with for more than 50 years since her early childhood.

Through Laura’s ability to transcend time and space, she opens the portal for your highest potential  to fully transcend your deepest fears, limiting beliefs and trauma’s restoring you back into divine wholeness on all levels of your multidimensional body.  Recently she was guided to create a new powerful healing technique she calls “Akashic Records DNA Trinity Healing Method”. With this new technology we work directly with your Souls DNA to clear the emotions, beliefs and patterns from your DNA  collapsing the timelines all the way back to the beginning of your Souls creation. This powerful method of transformation fully restores your Soul DNA to before the original energy distortions were created.

As a channel for the Divine Feminine Christ, her soul mission is to teach and guide you how to transcend your victim consciousness, embody your mastery, and live from your divine state of Christ Consciousness in freedom, joy, abundance and peace.

Laura has guided hundreds of people in healing and expanding their lives through:

* Create consistent clear communication with your Higher Self & Higher Guides

* Heal your unresolved emotional and mental pain

* Expand your intuition and inner guidance system.

* Develop healthy boundaries to regain your authentic energy.

* Activate your Full Strand Soul DNA Blueprint.

* Expand your Spiritual Gifts and Creative Expression.

* Heal your DNA, Trauma and Addictions to reclaim your wholeness.

* Create an  inner state of peace, balance and calmness

* Heal your codependent patterns of being the victim/martyr/rescuer.

* Shift out of depression and misery into joy and happiness.

* Clarify your soul mission and purpose work.