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May, 14th, 2018

April 23rd, 2018

April 18th, 2018

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Healing tools that I used on my call with Shashi Langham today Monday May 14th:
The double triangle healing grid in the first two photos. In the first photo also has seeding love, the healing stone I called on which I put the heart into the center of that double triangle healing grid. The third photo is the Sami clearing symbol. This can be drawn in the dirt or on the land in chalk or hung over the door as you walk into your house.
One of the most important tools to use is the Four Corners grounding: to honor Sacred Space for yourself- to claim Sacred Space for yourself: imagine drawing a line of energy from each of the four corners of the ceiling (or if you are outside the four corners of the sky) meeting in the very center; drawing lines from the four corners of the floor (or the four corners of the ground) meeting in the center; and then drawing a line of energy down through the center of the ceiling and through the center of the floor deep into the center of the Earth. This is a simple way of claiming Sacred Space for yourself and your needs, caring for yourself and your needs without harming or preventing anyone else from caring for themselves and their needs.

On today's (April 23rd) Transformation to Joy call, I would like to talk about some simple, ancient techniques for cleaning and clearing Energies. When you find yourself off balance and surrounded by chaos, you can use these techniques. Simple techniques that are so old we have often forgot their meaning, their benefits and how to use them. Such as this ancient Sami symbol that was used to clear Energies as you walked through your doorway (see photo); this symbol was often written over the doorway. I happen to use it on my path so that whether I'm coming or going I am cleaning and clearing myself as I step over the symbol. Plants, baths, the things that you put in baths are all with a purpose. Perhaps today you can find some simple techniques that you can add to your toolbox for elevating your emotions, your wellbeing and finding your Joy. I personally have spent the last 4 hours cleaning my space cleaning myself and creating the environment that will bring you the best and highest service today.   Rita only had time to get halfway through her list - she will more on our Facebook Group page - join here to see our posts.

Enjoy the Replay & Share it with friends and family!

During this call (April 18th call) Rita brought in a symbol, here it is, with a note from Rita :

"Thank you for being on the call to bring love and light to the spaces and places on the Earth that Need Your Loving Care. Here is the healing grid that I planted in one of the spaces. Please feel free to use it to call in healing for yourself or a space that you are caring for.
I usually see the lines of the triangles light up with a golden light as they activate and in this case the space inside was flooded with a green light mixed in with that gold light." ~ Rita Morgin (as Promised on the call and posted in Facebook  April 18th 2018 )

Enjoy the Replay & Share it with friends and family!