Replay: April 25th, 2018

Lyon Zonamyari Replay...

Lyon's Three Steps to Healing, Happiness and Abundance Program to clear Emotional Blocks to Heal any area of your life and your physical issue!  PLUS With recent help from Energy Healer & Channel, Shelley Ackrill, Lyon has added Stem Cell Technology Without Surgery, as an additional tool to repair body areas where there is serious physical damage.

Stem Cell Healing Technology - Energetic Upgrade

We are so excited that this Program now incorporates the potential of using energetic stem cell technology - as an Energy Healing process  from you own body to heal your health issues. Lyon is working with Shelley Ackrill with a client to grow a kidney! We will on future calls with Lyon and Shelley no doubt want to be updated with the results they are getting!  
Just a quick scan of the issues Medical science is treating with Stem Cell Technology brought up back pain. Back pain is a very common problem and at least three in five people will have some form of severe back pain sometime in their life. Stem cell therapy is being applied to ease this health condition with a high rate of success at the cost of $18,500 USD - as you can see below from an Advert we found in Google  in May 2018.
Prior to the Live Call, Lyon had shared that: "Stem Cell Healing is hailed as the new miracle problem solver, but the price puts it out of reach for most people. My holistic healing work is in part, about moving energy at a cellular level. So why not move stem cells from a healthy part of the body to the damaged or infected area with spiritual intent?  I recently teamed up with fellow healer Shelley Ackrill from Canada and that is exactly what we are doing. We are still developing our techniques, but early results are looking very promising and I have incorporated it within my Three Steps to Healing Happiness and Abundance Program."
Shelley Ackrill also joined us on this call, to give us her perspective on the Stem Cell technology she had help Lyon incoporate into the Three Steps to Healing Happiness and Abundance Program -  you can use on yourself, another person, animals or a location with no previous healing experience required. Clear simple emotional problems restricting your progress to life threatening ailments.
Lyon and his mentors have saved people from surgery and saved people after unsuccessful surgery using this program - so it is a very powerful three step healing process with proven results you can use on yourself, your clients, your friends and  family and on your pets.
As Lyon  explained on the call, Healing, using this program, takes 5 minutes or an hour depending upon what problems you have to solve? You do not have to do all three steps. Cancer, 1 hour. Anxiety attacks, less than 5 minutes with two of the 25 cards.

Mini Healing Background

Lyon did a powerful, high enerrgy mini healing towards the later part of the call.  This is on the Replay and it took around 10 mins.  Here are the 5 images/pages  you will need to gaze at.  (No printing required  - you just follow along at home, or wherever you are - provided you are not driving or using machinery).  
Scroll down or along to the relevant image/page during the mini healing.   In the meantime, do take a few minutes to become familiar with the text and the images so that you can follow along easily.  Remember the mini healing will take 10 mins so do make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place.   Re-listen,  on the Replay, as the energies will be very much present and will get even more powerful as more people listen.