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June, 4th, 2018

Rita's Free Gift for

June, 4th, 2018 Call

After the call Rita posted in Facebook,

"Blessings to all of you who were on the call today and who are listening to the replay.
Here are the photos of the mini land healings that I did today:
Photo 1 and 2:
Burnt Orange 2

Feel free to meditate on the photo and mandala for the burnt orange 2 card from Leslie Sloane's Auracle card deck. Use these images to release and care for all the spaces where you had anger from not being heard, from not having a voice, from not using your voice to declare your boundaries, from not living the truth in your heart. This is a nurturing door and the image heals all those spaces in yourself and the land that need nurturing, that need to be heard, that need to be loved.

The energies this week are encouraging you to make the changes that you had desired for so long. Now is the time to change those habits that have been impossible to change. Now is the time to look within yourself, within your heart and see where you would like to change the way you react. What would you like to substitute instead? What would you like to bring into your life into the spaces of anger as you release them?
The energies on this planet, the energies in this card and the energies in the astrology are telling you the time is now to be successful in choosing what you would like to change. Now it's time to create new habits; they can be daily habits or they can be occasional habits that you are instilling in your new life. It is time to claim your heaven on Earth. You are the connection to source, to Heaven, to Earth. It is all within you -and anyone outside of you is only here to help you find your way, your magic, your beauty.

Photos 3 and 4:
Mehar's land healing
Claiming your home as a sanctuary. Lemon tree's message: Clear Vision all paths. Lemon Tree's question: look at all the paths before you -all the possibilities and ask, Which path sings to my heart that it serves highest good?
Cards 5 and 6: Penni's land: opening doors of Love & Light to bring in the energies for The Rebirth of self, to claim Sacred Space, to shine your Beauty, to honor the mystery of yourself, to trust in your spiritual guidance and to awaken your potential. Bringing in energies to clear confusion, clear thinking instead of feeling, and to clear being too analytical. Bringing in the energies to align and harmonize the mind and the Heart, and to honor our hearts calling. Bringing in the energies of love and light to clear martyrdom, betrayal and feeling vulnerable. Clearing all these energies in all space and time, from our lineage, our ancestors, our families.

If any of these cards or actions called to you I suggest taking the images that resonate making a copy of them (as small as an inch as large as an eight and a half by 11 paper) and burying them in the dirt of the land for 48 hours. it is okay to leave them buried for longer. The energy in the cards/ in the images has supported the land within 48 hours.

Here is a big guns bagua clearing video for those times when you're home needs a big clearing and you don't even have the energy to burn incense.

This is a heavy-duty clearing and I often need a 15-minute nap after I run it. please honor yourself and your body when using these tools and listen to your heart- for your intuition is always correct in what is right for you. Blessings of Love & Light."

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