April 9th, 2018

April 2nd, 2018

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Eleanor asks:

Do you feel hopeless and frustrated that no one can seem to help you with your chronic physical conditions?

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on tests that give you no answers and years of your time trying different medications and remedies that get you no further ahead and leave you more confused than ever?

Have you given up on ever finding answers about your debilitating and painful symptoms and decided it’s better to just “live with it”?

This powerful call with Eleanor Healy, Medical Intuitive Healer, will teach you the REAL REASON why you can’t overcome your chronic physical conditions (no one is talking about this), so you can start to release everything in the way of you having the physical, emotional and spiritual freedom you long for!

Eleanor's Bio:
As a Medical Intuitive Healer, Eleanor Healy helps you find the not so obvious root causes of your chronic physical symptoms—with the use of sharply accurate intuitive messages and powerful healing energy—so you can finally have the freedom and peace of mind you long for.
She is not only helping you as a powerful healer, counselor and sharply accurate intuitive with over 12 years of experience: she suffered from acne, the painful condition of IBS and serious anxiety for over 25 years. She understands what it’s like to live your life in a prison cell that revolves around enduring painful and debilitating symptoms.
Since overcoming these seemingly impossible conditions, it is now her mission to save you the time, heartache and money of trial and error methods that don't work, so you can resolve your chronic conditions and finally live the life of your dreams!
Her SOUL PURPOSE is to guide you on a light-hearted and joy-filled reunion back home to you (your TRUE SELF, the part of you that knows all the answers).