March 16th, 2018

This was an amazing, transformative, powerful and paradigm shifting call - Laura brought in a Hologram of unconditional Love, a blessing and a gift co-created with everyone on Live call and who will listen to the Replay - with the Goddess energy. We had this call on 16th March that vibrates to the number 7. The number 7 symbolizes humanity's deep inner-need to find depth, meaning and spiritual connection. Laura also saw a huge Cosmic Heart dropping into the Hologram. Feel it in your Heart, the beyond the Mental Mind - Drop into your Heart as you listen to the Replay. This Hologram was brought into the element of water - flow through all the rivers, lakes, seas, oceans - affecting, circulating and touching all Hearts, al of life and nature on a Global level. Listen to this Replay and give Your Yes, Yes, Yes! There is power in saying Yes 3 times as Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses teaches. Laura said on the call what she brought in, as a Hologram of this magnitude and power is a miracle! Laura also used light language to ground it in! This is open to everyone to who is open to receiving this vibration of unconditional love for all of life. Beautiful Joyful energy came in through Laura's crown chakra and many of us could feel that. Laura also said St Germaine brought in his purple energy into the middle of the Hologram - it is time to forgive others and forgive ourselves - time to let go of the cellular memories. This call on Friday was the culmination of a powerful week of calls as we approach the Spring Equinox and Spring Forward into a new Paradigm of upper 4D and 5D - many of us are already in 5D - co-existing with many still stuck in the 3D vibration. We are on the verge of a paradigm shift - so let's co-create this New Earth by giving our YES! YES! YES! to Embodying the Divine Feminine Energies that are now here present for us to ground in and send out as a vibration, for the benefit of all of life.   It was on this call that Laura mentioned that she was taking a group  on a

“A Sacred Journey in Southern France”

Following In The Footsteps of Mary Magdalene.

Join Laura Hosford for “A Sacred Journey in Southern France”

Following In The Footsteps of Mary Magdalene

September 20th to 29th, 2018

An all-inclusive 9 day sacred retreat to Southern France!


“If you’re an Intuitive-Empath-Healer or Visionary who’s ready to be the change agent you came to be, make a difference and emerge as a catalyst for Divine Feminine Leadership  – then join Laura Hosford for a life-changing transformational sacred pilgrimage. September 20 to 29th, 2018.”

Our sacred journey begins as we enter into the beautiful rolling foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, located in the Languedoc region considered to be the home of Cathar Country, where descendants of the Magdalene have kept her legacy “the Way of Love” alive to this day. As followers of The Magdalene we begin a transformational and magical journey deep into the heart of Southern France following in her footsteps to discover hidden truths of her life and legacy forever imprinted into the hearts of the people to this day.

Discover and awaken to your “inner Magdalene” as you walk in the footsteps of St. Mary Magdalene visiting sacred sites where she lived and taught the principles of “The Way of Love” based on the lost teachings of Jesus creating a legacy of love in Southern France. Experience becoming fully embraced in her loving energies through sacred ceremony, rituals and channeling of her story to bring in a new deeper understanding of the  journey of the sacred feminine and it’s importance today in serving your journey into restored wholeness!

This 9 day journey also includes a bonus 4 week on-line course. 

“Igniting Your Inner Magdalene Heart” 

Inside of us lives a priest-priestess who knows and understands that everything is sacred. She holds the wisdom of the connection between heaven and earth, and longs to express herself in the Temple of our lives.

  • On this sacred transformational pilgrimage, you as the “Initiate” begin your quest to fully “embody” your unique Christ Consciousness light activating your souls destiny and manifesting your greatest potential in this lifetime.


  • You will restore your inner sense of wholeness and balance, of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies through participating in a sacred union activation and anointing ceremony.


  • As you begin to embrace your inner core wounding of the feminine through the re-telling of the story of Mary Magdalene, you move into a greater understanding of the “whole story”, shifting your inner reality into a healing potential for your family lineage and the wounded collective consciousness.


  • Through sacred activation of your Inner Magdalene Voice, you spark the integration of your inner priest/priestess powers, fully owning your unique Sacred Work you emerge as a “World Server of Light” ready to serve humanity. 


Laura Hosford




This is an intimate sacred retreat circle of 8 places…we have 2 openings left…these will sell out quickly so don’t wait to sign up for your transformational journey!


Make your deposit of $500.00 to hold your spot


Payment Plans available!