July 20th, 2018

July 26th, 2018

Shashi wrote in Facebook:

"Are you one of the few ascended visionaries” the new Light Leaders of the Golden Age of Peace and a co-creator of the new Heaven on Earth - then this Live Call happening now is for you!"

Message From Laura Hosford about the Group Process that she was to bring in:

"July 20th Show Highlights & Activation Process

ArchAngel Michael gave me this activation process called “Ritual of the Divine Holy Atonement Blessing”  to restore inner waves of peace, calm and harmony in the Universal Body of the Divine Source of Life. I will bring in the energies of Quan Yin as this is a water blessing ceremony to bring in forgiveness and compassion to the hearts of many who listen to your show.  This is to resolve anger, pain and suffering in the collective consciousness. This frees us to become the embodiment of Love as we release our attachments. Attachments are reflections of your desires to stay locked into pain and suffering, as mechanisms created for temporary relief of your mind chatter unresolved emotional reflections…..

Feedback from Live callers & issues covered:

"Thank you Laura for this beautiful healing process, it is truly a blessing. I feel I now have new energies to carry forward and a desire to learn to love myself in new ways." ~ Suzanne, England

"Hello Shashi & Laura, I would love Laura's Insight about still being single please? I've been on a steep spiritual path for the past decade & have done alot of healing work including heartwalls etc. My youngest son is 19 & lives with me, so I used to use that as an excuse. Somehow I just expected to meet my soul-mate quite naturally, but for some reason he hasn't shown up Laura? I've met a few nice men, but very soon I discern they are not the right fit for me. I would love to enjoy being with the right partner again, what's keeping him away Laura? Thank you & Much Love Diana" ~ Diana, Australia.

"Beautiful Shashi 
Thank you thank you to you both for the amazing call it was uplifting clearing our mind body n soul I could feel the love from our masters n AAA Angels I appreciate them n believe in them Laura’s light language takes to a enchanting place 
Grateful to you Shashi for all you do for us 
Thank you again 
Mehar "

Shashi responded: "Thank you Mehar. It was amazing, amazing call and activation that Laura brought to us today. A true gift. We are so lucky to have had Laura on our show.  She is going to go on to transform many, many thousands of lives. Thank you thank you for your Love, Heart and continuing support. Much Love Shashi❤ "


26th July

We are Live With Laura Hosford  - Here's Your Chance to Activate Your Divine Blueprint of Love and Light!
On this call, did a special healing process calles "Star of Atonement" gifted to her by Archangel Michael.  Both Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel were present throughout the call to assist and to take questions from our listeners.
After the call, Shashi also shared this with Laura,

"Thank you Laura, this was an awesome call, so many questions in the Q& A, comments on your Group process and amazing one to one work! I am also personally deeply grateful for getting such amazing feedback for me, for our audience members and the high vibration the Telesummit delivers from Archangel Michael.  As you know, my vision has been to focus on the helping the audience members get the support they need - in the moment and as they move forward on a daiy basis. Thank you Laura for channelling key messages for me and our listeners from Archangel Michael. I was deeply touched that both Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel were present throughout the call and are very much present on our Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit calls and other shows like ours!  I also got to ask questions about my own future. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! for putting forward a beautiful Package - exclusively for Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit - it is in Divine Right Timing and those who your Package resonates with - will be keeping their Divine appointment.

Laura, June 4th you wrote to me in an email: "Read over this document...this is very fresh material as King Solomon came to me 2 days ago with this information and knowledge so I am still in midst of channeling the details....I will ask if time to share on your show and then put in the package a set of new group calls to do the activations I am being given to those who are ready 🙂 powerful!"  

Shashi, June 4th wrote this to Laura in an email: "Kind King Soloman came to you! and We will bring him to our audience. How awesome is that!   I was listening to a call a few days ago and it was a topic about King Soloman - Whose father was King David.  Hhm,,,,"

There are no accidents - I was guided to learn more about King Solomon's and his Seal - and to my total surprise you said when we corresponded that King Solomon has come to you to bring you the Light codes and the frequencies needed for the creating of abundance and the New Golden Age on Earth. ~ Shashi Langham, Host & Founder, Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit

Here is the feedback from the Live Call, in writing from the Comments Box:

"Thank you Shashi and Laura for this powerful call of amazing blessings and healing. I would love to have a reading or receive a message to guide me on my role on the new Earth. I'm finding that these new energies are helping me to create the space for me to notice and bring loving attention to my thoughts and feelings and I would like to find myself moving into new opportunities of connecting with and helping others even though I am still learning to help myself. Thank you so much. "~ Suzanne - England

"Such a deep Beautiful process, thank you. My question for ArchAngels Michael & Gabriel; please show me what is blocking me from releasing the excess weight from my body. I love me & I would love to experience life as a lighter body again. And I know that I truly deserve to be my feminine goddess self. My heartfelt Love & gratitude for you Laura, to Goddess Shashi & the Angelic Team here." ~ Diana - australia

"Thanks a lot, Shashi and Laura: I've been doing so much healing, but I'm still stuck, it seems I've got a major block about receiving, so I just can't move forward. Could you give me some insight?" ~ gabriel - mexico city

"What a great meditation, grateful for being on the call. Is there any guidance the angels would like to share Thank you" ~ Pamela, Ocean Isle Beach

"As soon as Laura said Mother Mary & Mary Magdaline, I burst into tears (so unexpectedly) thank you for such a beautiful message. Omgoodess so helpful!!!! I am already beautiful more tears lol xx" ~ Diana - australia

"That's amazing Laura, thank you, we recently lost our dog, Ben last September, he was 14 yrs old and we loved him very much. We also had Max our first dog for 15 years, always in our hearts. I would very much like to work with the animals and I look forward to an opportunity to do so. Thank you" ~ Suzanne - England

"oh, so amazing, I'm so grateful. Beautiful, Thanks, thanks" ~ gabriel - mexico city

Laura uses all of her spiritual gifts of being an oracle for the Divine Feminine Christ Sophia, Channel of Akashic Records, Books of Knowledge, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Council of 21, Intuitive healer and Light language channel to empower your journey with clarity, truth and knowledge for optimal soul transformation back into wholeness.

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On her Special Offer Page Laura says, "King Solomon activated within me the “sacred codes of embodiment” used for creating your Heaven On Earth. He gave me the “keys to the kingdom” and told me I could now activate these “sacred codes of embodiment” in others. King Solomon is going to teach me how to guide others through this ritual meditation to activate these codes.

These sacred codes open up our “divine wombs” for flowing new energies of regeneration and renewal for healing at new levels to begin “enjoying the sacredness of our bodies” again. To help us connect more deeply with our body, raise it’s consciousness to open our sensual centers again which have been shut down for 2000 years.

To become master co-creators again we must not only heal our minds and hearts but our body to engage in the purification and creative fire energies of Divine Mother.  We become the full embodiment of our sacred core truth living from pure awareness and innocence again we engage the full power of our souls.

The keys to the kingdom are not given out to just anyone for they contain the “sacred creation codes” to all of life. For those who are ready to walk their talk within their full empowerment and 100% commitment may request access."

Laura hope to have all her classes in August - so if this Special Offer resonates with you - do look at it and let us know if you have any questions by writing to us at Support.

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