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"Harvesting Joy With Land Healing!"

Chakra Land Clearings and Energizing Spaces and Places ~ Both Remotely and in Person !

Background: Supernatural, Paranormal Energies, Ghosts, Trapped Spirits and Negative Imprints and Cords

There are supernatural, or paranormal energies that can attach or connect to our energy field and affect us in a negative way. Like ghosts and spirits, when they attach to our energy field or that of our home, these negative energies can affect our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and thus our actions. Have you ever felt angry or depressed for no particular reason? Well this could be the influence of any one of a variety of negative energies.

Negative energies tend to enter and attach to our energy field when we are experiencing a strong negative emotion such as fear, anger, guilt, shame, etc., when we experience a significant emotional or physical trauma, or when we are weak from sickness or poor health. Depending upon the number of attached energies and the length of time they have been connected to our energy field, they can significantly magnify our own negative thoughts, feelings (fear, anger, guilt, shame, etc.) and destructive beliefs, thus reinforcing them in our behavior and our lives. These energies can also interfere with or block our positive thoughts and feelings.

Negative Energetic Imprints

A house or land and even a person can often require the removal of energetic imprints, in addition to or instead of just the removal of ghosts and spirits. When attached to a person, energetic imprints can be ‘imprinted’ or superimposed on the field or psyche of the person through a variety of situations where the person has been consistently and continuously exposed to: neglect, abuse, violent anger, constant arguing or fighting and other negative circumstances over a period of time.

In houses or on properties, negative energetic imprints can be left behind by not only the recent occupants but also by those that lived in the house or on the land before them, possibly for generations before. These energetic imprints can be felt or perceived by the new occupants or others entering the home or building, especially those who are energetically sensitive. Have you ever felt uneasy or uncomfortable when you enter a building, a house or a particular room? Have you ever experienced the feeling of being angry, or anxious for no reason upon entering a home?

Negative energetic imprints can be due to neglect or deliberate damage by previous occupants. Negative energetic imprints can be left behind if there has been a great deal of fighting or arguing in the house, physical or emotional abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, or even just the constant bickering of siblings or couples. No matter what the cause, negative energetic imprints need to be removed so they do not negatively affect those who are now living in the house.

Negative Thought Form Energies

In situations where a person holds strong, emotionally charged thoughts, or beliefs, and holds them for a long period of time, they can create a separate energetic form that connects to their energy field and reinforces the negativity. This energetic form which is sustained and magnified by the originator’s own energy, besides drawing upon their energetic resources, it can affect the person’s energy field or the energy field of their environment in a negative way.

A negative thought form energy (thought or belief) can also be held for a shorter period of time, however it would have to be driven into the subconscious mind of the person so it would have a strong impact, or a high degree of acceptance by the person and be imprinted on the host’s psyche as being true.

The source of negative thought form energies is generally from the person’s own self talk and can attach to their own energy field or that of their home. We create thought form energies all the time, either intentionally, or without even realizing it. Have you ever harshly judged yourself, spoken negative words about yourself, such as “I am so stupid” or “I am such an idiot”? If these types of statements are repeated often enough and said with a strong emotion by you or to you, a thought form energy can be created which is negative and harmful.

Curse Energies

In our society today we give little attention or credence to what we call curses. A curse is a powerful energetic thought form with a specific purpose that is directed or focused on a particular person, or place, which then affects their energy field, and therefore their life. Any strong negative thought held long enough toward someone, or a negative thought that is highly charged with emotion and directed, can become a curse in the life of that person. A curse can be intentional where one person wants to direct harm to another, or, a curse can be unintentional, usually in the case of a spur of the moment, emotionally charged, experience between two people. Good intentions can also become a curse when they interfere with the receiver’s life in any way.

A curse is a two-way street since it always happens at the expense of the one who creates the curse because they have to feed it energetically to keep it alive. Since a curse is essentially non-material energy it can survive and be active for generations down family lineage, or from one lifetime to another.

Energetic Cords

When we meet people, or connect with places, even things, energetic connections or cords can develop between ourselves and the other people or places. These cords form automatically; bonding or binding us to one another at the energetic level.

There can be hundreds of these energetic cords connected to us. Many of the energetic cords or connections serve us by helping us stay connected energetically to family, spouses, close friends, our home, past homes, or even favorite vacation places and possessions.

Some energetic cords or connections can have a negative impact on our thoughts and energy levels. Although some connections can support and help us on our journey, others can also hold us back, drain us unnecessarily or keep us connected to those people and places that no longer serve us. Have you ever met someone in the shopping mall, or at the office, or a neighbour that after a few minutes together you feel drained energetically? These people have established cords to your energy field in order to draw upon your energy. These types of connections continue to draw our energy without our permission or awareness and can negatively affect our well-being.

One of the most common connections that negatively affect our freedom is the energetic connection between people where relationships have ended. As our lives shift and change – relationships, jobs, locations where we live – it becomes more important that we sever those cords that bind us unnecessarily to people or places that no longer serve us.

Negative Energetic Beings

One could say that Negative Energetic Beings are similar to what we might call “Dark Angels”, but are not them. They act like Angels, have the power of Angels, ‘speak’ like Angels, and channel as though they are Angels when they are not. These Negative Energetic Beings can come and go on this plane of existence and to and from the light, just like Angels.

Their primary purpose is to mislead, misdirect energy, magnify negative thoughts, and interfere with light workers as well as sensitive people. In this way they will ultimately do harm over the longer term by creating negativity in the lives of those they are connected with. When attached to a house or property they can affect everyone living there as well as visitors, particularly if they are sensitive.

"Harvesting Joy With Land Healing!"

Chakra Land Clearings and Energizing Spaces and Places ~ Both Remotely and in Person !

Do you feel hopeless and frustrated that no one can seem to help you with your chronic physical conditions? Are there places where your energy fails? Perhaps it is the land that needs care.

What if the land and spaces around you are just waiting to align to and support your personal Heaven on Earth, but it is hindered by energetic debris?

What if you can help bring love and light into the places you love?  Which land do you want to bring loving healing light to?

What if you can help heal many lands with the power of your intention as you work with and listen to audios Rita has created just for you in the Trasformation To Joy Community.

Do you feel like there are some energies you would like to clear in your home or office?  Your land or space can support you more fully in all areas of your life!

Would you like to enhance beneficial energies? Rita works with the energies of your whole environment by clearing and energizing your land and living spaces to support you and your work.

Would you like greater access to the light and energy available to boost your gifts and your spirit team? Allow Rita to clear your land and energize the connection between heaven and earth.

Perhaps you would like to dedicate your space as a Sacred Gathering Place of Love and Light!

Are you moving, buying or selling property? Did you know that clearing and energizing the land can support you with these big life decisions and transitions!

Does your property seem slow in selling? Let Rita give it a clearing and notice the shift in offers you get for the property!

Rita Morgin with her Chakra Land Clearings, Energizes Spaces and Places by phone or Skype will help, as she has her clients in over a hundred consultations in the last year to open doors of love and light for all those spaces and places in need!


Why a Land or Space Clearing for Your Healing and Transformation?

Rita provides a different perspective to your healing and transformation and that is why we are so excited that Rita has listened to the this new modality that has come through - it is a real gift and we are very proud to offer you healing for your land and spaces!  We are delighted that Rita invites you to love, honor and acknowledge all the energies, in all the spaces around you, by simply opening doors of love, light and care where those energies have not received the care that they need through the passage of time.  We know that land and spaces can hold on to imprints of everything that has taken place there.   If you are sensitive you can pick up a positive or a negative vibe when you visit a new area or place.  What we love about Rita's work is that she work with land and spaces by staying in connection with her guides, the Ascended Masters and by working directly with Source.

Rita comes from this perspective,

"There is no process that I'm doing that you cannot interrupt me and say that isn't for me; I'm feeling afraid; or I'm feeling very very sad suddenly….. those important bits of feedback tell me where the energy needs to go next... and so I invite you to interrupt me; I invite you to tell me what heaven on Earth is for you. I invite you to clarify any space in which you do not feel heard or understood. My goal is to create safe and Sacred Space for you- to honor you and your right to create heaven on Earth for you here and now and brighten up all the spaces around you while we align and harmonize these energies. Sometimes on my calls I will cry for the people who aren't able to cry: I will be a voice for the energy that doesn't have a voice.

Most of all I believe transformation is meant to bring ease and joy in life, rather than trauma, so if at anytime you are uncomfortable, we modulate the energies for your comfort. This is the same thing I do for the land: I bring just the perfect combination of Heaven and Earth Light to each space, to bring comfort, peace, joy and grace.  A recording is provided. When you play the recording, the energy on the recording adds a little more light as gently as possible, as you listen and re-listen.

My focus is at looking at the spaces that are here to support you in all areas of your life.   Other healers do not address the spaces that you live and work in.  My work is subtle but very powerful.   I’m am creating that gentle and subtle  transformation that releases negative energies imprints and trauma that your land and space are holding on to that you are not aware of."

"Since working with Rita and practicing the steps, I've noticed a real difference in the quality of time I spend going to work and while there. This clearing process has felt both supportive and transformitive for me."
"Rita has a gift for healing places. With her atunement, creativity, and intuition, Rita focused on my workplace, a bustling urban library. I hoped for an increase in the harmony and quality of nurturance that was possible at this site. She tailored practices for the beginning and end of my work days, as well as rituals for my journey to and from the site.  To help to maintain the improved state, she recorded a personalized ritual blessing."

- Amy

Package A:


Package A:

Harvesting Joy Energy Boosting Package A

Consists of 6 Audio Mp3 Comprising of Voice Meditations and Silent Energy Tracks and a Private Facebook group membership:

Harvesting Joy MP3 Meditation ($49): This opens the door to remember to harvest joy daily. What do you love to do daily that opens your heart to Joy? This is a smooth, gently flowing energy that invites you to choose how you desire to harvest joy today. It has both a silent mp3 and a spoken meditation journey mp3 tracks. Length 10:15 mins; Length of Silent version 10:01 mins

Joyful energy boost silent MP3 ($49): Each person will feel the energy that they need to enliven their body for a joyful energy boost. For me, I feel my heart opening up with an enlivening energy for the first minute of this silent transmission; and then the energy slowly spreads and settles throughout my body until I am filled with a calmly peaceful joy filled energy. The 2nd time I used it, I received clearing of energy and my head, leaving me with a happy confidence. Length 4:20 mins

Get Me out of the doldrums with Laughter (a Buddha Butterfly Fairy and Quiver Birds Story with silent MP3) option

Getting out of the doldrums with Buddha butterfly fairies and quiver birds:  The mp3 is the story of 'Buddha butterfly fairies' invites us to open our heart up with laughter. The Story of the 'Quiver Birds' clears the path before you so that loving care can come into your life.  The Story of 'the rock people bringing the door of nurturing loving light to all the places we travel through' invites you to bring light to every space you encounter. Length 16:03 mins

Get me out of the doldrums: This is a silent mp3 is like a wave of peaceful restorative sleep. It calms frayed nerves and gives an energy boost to bring laughter and joy into your body and into all of the spaces in between. Length 4:15 mins

Rita’s Signature Land Clearing, Harmonizing and Energizing MP3 Meditation ($300):  - This MP3 is a very powerful clearing and energizing of Heaven on Earth for each space that you desire to bring love and light to. It is a very heavy and Powerful clearing: so be sure to be comfortable and ready to Zonk out or fall asleep during the course of this meditation. Also, there was an earthquake on my land, on the space that I was doing this clearing on, during the course of this clearing. Not only does this MP3 clear energies, it harmonizes energies and it integrates the new energies that we are bringing in. Please leave time after listening to this recording to rest, balance integrate and harmonies the new energies. This is possibly the strongest sessions I have ever experienced. Length: 1 hour and 4 mins

Free access to a Private Facebook Group provides free monthly land healing calls, meditation videos and MP3s as well as contact with a beautiful loving community.

Free Gift Bonus Audios (mp3s):

#1 The Morning Meditation is like an introduction to Honoring the land. This is the perfect introduction to choosing a land to bring love and light to. Length: 12:22 mins

#2  The Evening Meditation I share gratitude for my garden, the land, home, water and food and sending prayers for these gifts to reach each person on the planet. Then I open up a regular short Land healing for the land of your choice. It ends with a prayer for the food, water and the lands to clean, clear and purify. Length:  21:35 mins

 Special Offer (Total Value $447)

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For You

Special Offer $77









Package B:

Harmonizing Your Spaces and Places to

Support Joyful Living includes:

Everything in Package A (Total Value $447)

Home as a Sanctuary MP3 (Value $49)

This is a meditation inviting you to imagine what home as a Sanctuary looks like to you and request that now. Calling on my spirit team and your spirit team the spirit of ground squirrel building it's home. We are partnering with energy of the land, guardians of the land and heaven to support your personal sanctuary. Calling in doors of love and light to activate the guardians of the land with an ebb and flow like the ocean wave harmonizing the energy to support creating your sanctuary. Created on a bluff overlooking Malibu Beach with the flow of the waves in the background to the rising of the morning sun and the gentle morning Breeze with nature looking on me as I was looking on it- each supporting the other. This is definitely a 'supporting relationships' and 'harmonizing energies' on a spiritual level as well as the physical level.

A personal 45 minute session opening doors of Love and Light to bring in your personal Heaven on Earth with Rita Morgin with a 30 minute follow up session 2 weeks later (Value $500-$2,500)

This is your opportunity to energize a symbol of your choice (that you can quickly draw anywhere) to bring in loving healing light to any spaces you travel through. What if you can bring in loving healing light each day to the spaces you are in. Value $997-

An initial session with me typically runs 45 minutes AND includes a 30 minute follow-up 1-2 weeks later to check on the stability of the connections and add more light/energy upgrades to the land and/or finalize sale of a property. Each session is recorded and an MP3 is provided with energies to enhance the longevity of the clearing session with email follow up to support your intentions. While often only a single session is needed, the land and everything on the land (home, office, spirits and people) can benefit from an energy maintenance upgrade about every 2 weeks.

In-person land clearing session can also be provided by Rita Morgin with the addition of travel expenses.


Package B 3 Options for You - Depending on the Size of Your Property   







Option 1: Small Property

Single office, home or apartment (light traffic) 

(on Rita's website just the consulation is sold for $500)

Discounte 75%  Off  (Total Value 996)

Special Offer for  $247

Option 2: Medium Property 

Healing Center, Larger office (medium traffic)

(Just the consultation on Rita's website is sold for $750)

Discount 72% Off (Total Value $1246)

Special Offer for  $347

Option 3: Large Property 

House Sales, Farm, Retreat Center (heavy traffic) 

(Just the consultation on Rita's website is sold for $2,500)

Discount 67%  Off (Total $2996)

Special Offer for $997


What People are saying about Rita Morgin's

Land and Space Clearings...

"If you have experienced any issues related to land spirits (or know someone who does) do connect with Rita Dragon. She did an amazing clearing today (of) the building I live in. I've been feeling sad and disgruntled energy in here since we bought the place over 20 years ago. Since learning about energy clearing I've been working with it and it's improved a lot over the past year or so but what she did today felt more along the lines of sending the river through the Aegean stables - there was a huge emotional release and the whole place feels lighter. She says she connected the land to the light grid and prepared it to be a sacred gathering space and I believe her!

Update from Christie Michelsen:  total of 5 properties cleared and energized 8 months after initial clearing:

I love Rita's land clearings! We own 15 rental units distributed between 5 properties. After working with Rita, we noticed a definite improvement in the quality of tenants we were attracting, as well as the speed with which the vacant units are filling. Plus the properties themselves feel nicer and more welcoming. I would highly recommend Rita's services to any landlord or property owner looking to improve their property at an energetic level."

- Update from Christie Michelsen

"'When Rita offered to do a land scan for me, I had no idea what to expect. I was intrigued when she told me that she sensed that there were three pieces of land involved. Her scan was most revealing - not only did she pinpoint exactly which part of my grounds I needed to clear to make the whole property take on a completely different and much more positive feel, since her landscan I have found myself sleeping much better and deeper."

- Lesley- business mentor- Scotland

"I wanted to write to say the work we did together has had really positive results! I have practiced the things you suggested, and I notice a shift in the atmosphere. I feel protected in some real way that I didn't before, as well as a lessening of the strife and hostility that dominated in the past. Thank you again 🙂
"Rita has a gift for healing places. With her atunement, creativity, and intuition, Rita focused on my workplace, a bustling urban library. I hoped for an increase in the harmony and quality of nurturance that was possible at this site. She tailored practices for the beginning and end of my work days, as well as rituals for my journey to and from the site.  To help to maintain the improved state, she recorded a personalized ritual blessing. Since working with Rita and practicing the steps, I've noticed a real difference in the quality of time I spend going to work and while there. This clearing process has felt both supportive and transformitive for me."  

Update from Amy 6 months later: I continue to benefit from our session and the clearings and the elements you suggested for my workplace!"

- Amy W., California, USA

Rita offered to perform a land scan for me a few weeks ago when during our meeting she sensed a potential need for Spiritual cleansing. I felt like I had nothing to lose and only healing to gain, so I accepted her gracious offer. She followed up with me promptly on the day we agreed upon and she started by explaining the process of the remote land scan and Light Grid process. Her work began by asking me to think of a land or space that I felt needed energy, love and healing. I immediately thought of my dad's home town in Maryland, and in particular his childhood home. At the early age of 22 my father graduated college and promise never to return, he headed west with a professional basketball contract to play for the Golden State Warriors. By fulfilling his dream, he escape from the life of poverty and religious oppression. He fled, leaving behind a family that although was troubled, loved him deeply. As an adult, I've chosen to take it upon myself to visit his hometown and establish relationships with family members, my father has pretended didn't exist. Unfortunately, two of the three visits I've taken back east have been for funerals of family members who yearned for my father's return. My father is a legend in his small town, he's the one who made it out. Up until my scan with Rita, I have carried the weight of responsibility for my father's absence and the sadness endured by all that have been left in this poor rural town. Rita flooded the land with light and love and called on powerful angels (Archangel Michael) to induce healing of this sad place. I am now working daily to separate my emotional self, for the sake of my health, from the past of my father, his mother and other family members that reside and are buried in this land. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity with Rita to establish prayer and work toward gaining peace with a past that is not entirely my own. I look forward to continuing this work with Rita in the months to come. Thank you Rita!

- Colette Fontaine, California, USA

"Rita recently did a land clearing for a property I am moving from and a property I am moving to.  I was very impressed with Rita’s intuitive gifts, her depth of her knowledge,  and her connection with the land.  It was important to me that we have closure with our old land and house before we left, and a welcoming and clearing of the new house and land we are moving to.  Rita shared communications from the lands, cleared the lands, connected my new land to the grid of sacred gathering places, and taught me how to keep the land clear.  I feel more at peace now with the entire transition, and look forward to moving into my new bright and happy new home/land.  Thank you Rita for the wonderful work you do to help the land and all of us living here.  I would recommend Rita’s services to anyone needing more lightness, happiness, and joy in their homes and land."

- Deb Hanneman, Director of Student Services, Academy For Invincible Healers, Inc.

"I also had Rita do a scan of my office and what she found got my attention. She cleared it, I helped and it feels much better. Rock Star"

- Matt K., Chicago, IL

"Close to 2 months ago I had an energy healing scan done by Rita and am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for the experience. I wasn't sure what to expect from the energy healing scan initially and Rita was very reassuring and confirming and she told me to let my angels do the thinking for me and since then so much has transpired in my life and in my children and grandchildren’s lives as well. I have been able to trust much more in the process of my own healing and have felt lead to many new ideas and opportunities. Most importantly I have been enjoying the process more as well and having fun and really feeling more balanced overall. I
have also found myself becoming more health conscious and making better feeling choices around eating more healthy foods and it’s as if I feel more capable of knowing for myself that day by day transitions and change are taking place and I feel a renewed commitment to my own inner work and (am) already experiencing many wonderful changes in the outer results personally and professionally, emotionally and financially. I feel the upgrades on so many levels and I would recommend an energy healing scan from Rita for anyone who feels they are going thru a lot of changes and wanting to feel more secure with trusting their own inner guidance and process. You will feel a sense of calm and peace and immediate relief. Thank you Rita for your time, energy and presence and helping me to trust in myself and my guidance!

- Alice J., VA

(what I) Liked best about the session---your enthusiasm, my feeling the energy shifts et transformations. Getting someone else's articulation on what was skewed with the land et this situation.
To better serve me-- I would have liked to have known before we started that after the land was addressed-- i would then be addressed. So I would not have given mind space to the worry of it.
Thanks Again

- Susan S

It was just what myself and my home needed. I'm doing the symbol today and will let you know how it goes in a few weeks.
Much love and gratitude,

- Cheri J; California USA

Thank you for the beautiful call.
I do feel refreshed and calm and happy after speaking with you.

- Jo Lyn; Washington USA

Dear Rita,
Thank you so much for the wonderful land/ house healing session yesterday.  An hour or so later I was talking with a friend and felt the spiritual vibes that I believed came from that.
I got a lemon from the lemon tree to spread its fragrance in the house, as you suggested, and I discovered there were barely any lemons on the tree.I think there is so much clutter/weeds, etc around the tree that it's not giving forth its fruit.
So more to do on clutter outside of the house, too.
Thanks again! It was so fun and interesting, and you really are gifted!

- Eileen E; California USA

About Rita Morgin...

Rita Morgin is a Transformational Catalyst who uses metaphysical tools to open doors for energies of Love and Light to clear you and your space so that you can work in alignment with your environment to create your perfect personal Heaven on Earth.

Rita Morgin has performed more than 100 land healing sessions in the past year. She says, "It all became a conscious relationship with the spirit of the land on July 1, 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia. As I stepped into a decrepit park, I sensed a hundred thousand dead facing me, saying forcefully: "We're coming home with you!!!!"

I said, "No the hell you're not! You're staying here until I contact you."

I proceeded to pick up a little bit of dirt from the other end of the park and I got out of there quick.


When I came home, a friend who is good at holding space for doing spiritual things told me that they came to me, and I had all that was needed to take care of them. I am a door opener and I already had the door for processing the dead: a door I called the Summer Lands Recharging Station. My friend held space while I did something I so did not want to do (blessings and thanks to such good friends). She held space while I opened the door and proceeded to let the dead go through into light, love, care.

I noticed, at the end of that session, that there was still a light on the land that wasn't dead and I didn't know what it was.  "It was the spirit of land and it belongs here," is the message I received.

Well, of course, that session wasn't complete, the land came to me that night and asked me for help: to "light up the light grid and reconnect the land to all of the other sacred gathering places". I felt the connections throughout the universe expanding and brightening. I was swimming in something so much bigger than I allowed myself to be.

The land told me that it had not been able to be connected to the network of Sacred Gathering Places while it was holding the dead in its’ care, and this is where it needed my help to realign, harmonize and energize this connection.

And so, this is how I started cleansing, energizing and dedicating sacred gathering places. The land calls me and I listen. I open up to the energy, I tap the heart back into the land and the land connects me to more of me.